Arizona Milk Producers

Day in Life of a Cow

Meet the kids who call Caballero Dairy farm their home. John, Annika, Joseph and Ethan walk you through a typical day in the life of a cow.

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Creamline Dairy

“It’s been, just, in the blood from generation to generation.”- Neil Spruit. Get to know Neil and the history of Creamline Dairy.

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Danzeisen Dairy

Get to know Kevin Danzeisen of Danzeisen Dairy. Located in the city limits of Phoenix, AZ this urban farm has recently set up shop and started bottling their own milk, in glass bottles! With ultra delish milk flavors like Arizona Orange and Root Beer, you are sure to love this local dairy.

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D & I Dairy

Get to know Donald Van Hofwegen of D & I Dairy in Stanfield, AZ. Burned in an accident on the dairy, seven years ago, he has a great story to share!

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Boschma Farms

Get to know Jason Van Der Toorn! He currently manages the dairy that his mother and father in law started over 30 years ago!

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Stotz Dairy

Get to know Gary Thompson of Stotz Dairy in Buckeye, AZ. Animal care and environmental stewardship are very important to all dairy farmers and Stotz Dairy is no different! See how they take care of their cows as well as capture methane gas that can be turned into electricity.

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Rijlaarsdam Dairy

Get to know Jacob and Anja Rijlaarsdam! Family owned and operated for 30 years, out in East Mesa, AZ!

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Meet Casey Dugan, newly married and dairied in 2010! Being raised on Dubrook Dairy, Casey fell in love with the dairy lifestyle and purchased his own dairy in January 2010.

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