Farm Life In Arizona

Animal Care

Arizona Dairy Farmers work hard every day to ensure the comfort and care of their cows in order to give families around the world access to wholesome, delicious milk and dairy products. Healthy living conditions, nutritious diets and quality medical care are of utmost importance to Arizona’s dairy farmers and are an integral part of the production of high-quality milk and milk products.

Food and Shelter

Dairy cows have access to feed and clean water 24 hours a day. Professional dairy nutritionists work with farmers to develop balanced diets to ensure optimal milk quality. The often-extreme heat in Arizona can be dangerous for cows, but dairy farms are equipped with cooling systems to keep cows safe, cool and comfortable.


Health and Medical Attention

Dairy veterinarians are always available for periodic check ups, preventative vaccinations and quick treatment of illness. Just like humans, cows sometimes get sick and occasionally need antibiotics to restore their health. While a cow is being treated with antibiotics, she is isolated in a separate pen and her milk does not enter the food supply. Dairy farmers have strict systems in place to monitor cows on antibiotics and take every precaution to ensure that milk is kept antibiotic-free. Milk is tested for antibiotics both on the farm and at the processing plant, and if milk tests positive it is disposed of immediately long before it makes its way into the food supply.