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Arizona School Breakfast

Missing meals and experiencing hunger impair children’s development and achievement. Hungry children are unable to focus in school, threatening educational success.

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Arizona School Breakfast Coalition

The Arizona School Breakfast Coalition is working to increase access to school breakfast meals around the state. Dairy Council of Arizona, Association of Arizona Food Banks, Arizona Department of Education and Valley of the Sun United Way have partnered together to provide funding and develop tools and resources for schools interested in expanding their breakfast programs and increasing participation

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Universal school breakfast is associated with:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced tardiness
  • Reduced behavior problems
  • Reduced nurse’s office visits
  • Increased standardized test achievement scores
  • Higher grades
  • Positive learning environments

Breakfast Service Models

Did you know there are several ways to serve school breakfast that can help increase participation rates? Included below is a list of some of the most common breakfast service models along with detailed fact sheets that provide more information on each model along with funding resources for schools interested in implementing any of the models:

Breakfast in the Classroom Toolkit for AZ Schools

Dairy Council of Arizona, in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Education and Valley of the Sun United Way, released a Breakfast in the Classroom Toolkit for AZ Schools to help Arizona schools provide this valuable service.

Breakfast Recipes

National Dairy Council worked with food companies to develop student-tested and approved breakfast recipes for use in school and at home.  Each recipe meets the school meal nutrition guidelines and includes a serving of whole grains and a fat free or low fat yogurt which can count as a meat/meat alternative.  Click here to for both home and school food services versions of these delicious recipes.

Arizona Breakfast in the Classroom video