• In 1918, a National Dairy Council committee created a long-range nutrition education program to be implemented in schools. This was NDC’s first effort in its long running commitment to child health.
  • The first education material produced by the National Dairy Council dates back to 1919 with “Milk – The Necessary Food for Growth and Health.
  • In 1922, the National Dairy Council helped create Child Health Day, the event that introduced the School Milk Program and it became an annual event.
  • NDC launched an experimental nutrition education program in Akron, OH in 1929. The pilot explored ways NDC could improve the effectiveness of school lunch; it evolved to the concept of School Lunch as an educational tool.
  • In 1954, Secretary Benson asked NDC to collaborate with USDA’s School Milk Program.
  • In 1971, NDC created the first comprehensive nutrition education program for elementary children, called Big Ideas.
  • Food… Your Choice was introduced in 1977. It was the first three levels of the comprehensive, developmentally sequential K-12 nutrition experiences that encouraged lifelong healthy nutrition practices. By December of that year, 1.5 million children had participated in Food… Your Choice.
  • In 1993, NDC partnered with the American School Foodservice Association, now School Nutrition Association, and supported the development of school nutrition programs to help increase participation in the school meal program, especially breakfast.